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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Riyadh Seminar Explores Education Pathways in India

“Eminent Speakers, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, and Community Leaders Advocate for Education Empowerment”

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, October 12, 2023 – The Indian Forum for Education [IFE] in Riyadh orchestrated a thought-provoking seminar, “Navigating Education Pathways in India,” which drew attendees from the Riyadh community, including students, parents, and prominent Indian community leaders. Held at the Red Onion Banquet Hall on October 12, 2023, the event witnessed enthusiastic families who devoted their weekend to gain insights from esteemed guest speakers.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Chairman of Shaheen Academy, and seven distinguished keynote speakers, representing various states of India and operating educational institutions under Shaheen Academy’s patronage, graced the event. Despite their hectic schedules, several school principals from Riyadh also showed their presence. Eminent media personalities such as Mr. K. N. Wasif, Mr. Basith abumaz, Dr. Sayeed, Mr. Shams, and Mr. Naeem displayed a keen interest in local coverage.

The event was presided over by Dr. Nadeem Tarin, a well-known philanthropist and education enthusiast. Prof. Jahangeer initiated the proceedings by inviting guests to the stage, while Maulana Abdul Rehman Omri recited verses from the Holy Quran. Floral welcomes were extended to the guests from India by IFE members. Notable dignitaries, including Presidents of different associations in Riyadh, presented bouquets to Dr. Abdul Qadeer.

Salman Khalid, a senior member of IFE, was called upon by Prof. Jahangir to anchor the event. Dr. Dilshad, President of IFE, introduced the IFE members to the distinguished audience and delivered a warm welcome speech. He highlighted the achievements of IFE in the field of education and expressed gratitude to the dedicated team members for their contributions.

Dr. Nadeem Tarin addressed the audience, emphasizing the importance of educational leadership within the community. He advocated for supporting Shaheen Academy as a means to nurture leaders from within the community, stressing that sponsorship alone is not the sole solution.

The speakers accompanying Dr. Abdul Qadeer shared their successful journeys with Shaheen Academy. Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Chairman of Shaheen Education Foundation, took the podium to present a detailed overview of the foundation’s aims, achievements, and future plans. His meticulously composed speech commanded rapt attention, even in the presence of children and ladies, providing a comprehensive understanding of Shaheen Academy.

Following the presentation, Engr. Farhan Hashmi moderated a question-and-answer session, with limited time for audience inquiries. Mr. Arshad Jawed assisted in this session, with active involvement from Mr. Shehzad Samdani, Mr. Wasi Ahmed, Mr. Feroz, Mr. Shahzad Khan, and Dr. Javed in various activities.

In conclusion, Engr. Hashmi extended a vote of thanks to all participants and invited them to dinner. In a final interaction, Dr. Nasir engaged with Dr. Abdul Qadeer, gathering valuable insights, including discussions on initiatives for dropped-out students and leveraging resources spent on weddings to enhance education.

The seminar left a lasting impression on the attendees, inspiring the Riyadh community to further support educational endeavors for a brighter future.

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